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"This sequel to Unearthed...and Unraveled...shows off Barry's flair for romantic comedy that's literally out of this world." —Nina Davis, Booklist

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ISBN: 978-1426892356
Available: October 2011
Carina Press

Unleashed Blurb

Lacey Garrett was about to be free. Before, she’d been shackled by despair. Her fiancé had run off with her business, her savings, and stuck her with his cat. What had she done to stop him? Nothing.

But she’d just been beamed to another planet. Here, she wasn’t an ordinary Earthwoman; she was part of a team. Here she could help a man like the roguish starship captain Zain Masters, could take a little weight off his broad shoulders if only he would let her. Here, she could face krudo, interplanetary defense systems, and galaxy-wide conspiracies. She could even defeat the monstrous Bobzilla that looked like her ex-fiancé! For Zain, Lacey could do anything—because his kisses, his touch, everything about him felt like destiny.

And that destiny was the true Lacey Garrett…UNLEASHED.


Unleashed Reviews

 4 1/2 Stars & a Top Pick —Romantic Times magazine

"Unlucky in love" is a bit of an understatement for programmer Lacey Garrett. Her ex-fiance Bob didn't just jilt her. He stole her half of their software design and most of her clients. She has one last chance to regain her professional footing but, one lonely night, can't resist answering one last e-mail. Little does she know that at the other end of the seemingly harmless message is planetary surveyor and interstellar fugitive Zain Masters, who, trapped on a desert planet, thinks he's stumbled upon the being with the knowledge to help him escape before the bounty hunters find him. Before Lacey can say, "Beam me up, Scotty," she's on an alien planet, in a sentient alien spaceship, with its alien captain who is all heart-stopping man. This sequel to Unearthed (2003) and Unraveled (2003) shows off Barry's flair for romantic comedy that's literally out of this world. —Nina Davis, Booklist Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved

"Unleashed is a must read and C.J. Barry is not to be missed. —Tracey West for The Road to Romance

"Action, adventure, and a love that transcends galaxies abound in this thrilling novel by up-and-coming author CJ Barry. Full of witty dialogue and one hysterically funny heroine, UNLEASHED is a rollicking tale that hits on many levels." —Courtney Bowden, Romance Reviews Today

"This is without a doubt the best other-worldly book that C. J. Barry has written thus far...this book totally captivated me...Action packed adrenalin rushing adventure kept me glued to the pages of this book." —Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

"The star-crossed in love lead pair is a wonderful coupling while the support crew from Oliver to the enemy make this a fabulous journey into space as only C.J. Barry can escort readers." —Harriet Klausner Amazon reviewer, FIVE stars

"You will not want to miss this latest Un-Book by C.J. Barry." —Rose! Romance at Heart

"I raced through this story and now want more." —Karen Larsen, Scribes World Reviewer's Choice


Unleashed Awards

PRISM Award Winner for Best Futuristic & Best of the Best

National Reader's Choice Award Finalist

RIO Award of Excellence Finalist

Finalist in Paranormal Romance's PEARL Award

RT magazine finalist for Best Futuristic


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